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Precision Long Range Course


This is a three-day course that is split between two to three weeks for locals of the state of Arizona. This course is designed for those with some marksman skills, but we highly encourage and recommend those with little to no formal training to attend. We provide a friendly and professional environment. Our goal is to make you comfortable while providing you with the best learning environment possible. The course’s pace is based on the level of our student’s knowledge. The course will begin with firearms safety and transition into a student evaluation on marksmanship fundamentals, equipment overview, basic ballistics, range estimation, wind reading, and target engagements out to 1100 yards. This course will utilize three different range facilities around the Tucson, AZ. area. Students that complete this course receive a basic proficiency in firearms safety, fundamentals of marksmanship skills, as well as knowledge of their personal capabilities with their equipment.

Topics Covered

* Safety

* Equipment selection

* Fundamentals of marksmanship

* Understanding MOA and Milliradian adjustments

* Employing Mil and MOA reticules for range estimation

* Introduction to wind reading

* Introduction to internal and external ballistics

* Data gathering out to 1100 yards


* Class sizes are limited to maintain a proper instructor to student ratio.

* All course payments are non-refundable. Shooter should not register unless they commit to attend the training.

* Student course material/data entry book is including with each course.

Recommended Equipment List

* 308, 6.5mm, or similar caliber precision rifle capable of one minute of angle accuracy or less

* Match ammunition or handle loads (minimum 100-125 rounds per day)

* Quality scope with adjustable turrets and MIL or MOA reticle

* Bipod

* Rear Bags

* Cleaning kit

* Pen, pencil, highlighter

* Rifle data book, notebook, and 3x5 index cards

* Calculator

* Eye and ear protection

* Comfortable yet durable clothing

* Durable footwear

* Water

* Food/lunch to snack on throughout the day

* Backpack

* Firearms case

*** It is very important that the equipment (rifle, scope, ammo) that you are using for our class consistently meet the accuracy and adjustability requirements.

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