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With years of experience handling, shooting, repairing, and enhancing firearms, we are more than capable of meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.  Whether you are a gun novice, gun enthusiast, hunter, or seeking home protection, we've got you covered.



Firearms, ammo, and accessories fit for all!  Please call or email us to help you find the perfect item at the best price.



Repairs and improvements done with care and expertise.

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Firearms classes for beginners to experts coming soon!

Handgun and  Ammunition

FFL Transfers

Getting a gun from another location?  We can help get it to you!  Dealers must transfer to other licensees, as direct customer delivery is not possible.

Call or email us soon!  We are ready to serve you!


Coming Soon!

Looking to learn more about your firearm, shoot, or enhance your already awesome skills?  Let our experienced instructors help make it happen!  Saturday range days will get you there!

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Shooting Target

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